Superior Culinary Master®

Lock-1548DCM, 3½" Master Lock®
This combination lock is suitable for locking both CCI knife rolls, and Cases
Programmable for setting your own code

Master Lock® Combination Lock

Programming your lock - YouTube Video

How do I set or reset the combination on my backpack lock model #1548?


Here are the instructions on how to reset the combination on your backpack lock (which is pre-set at the factory to open to combination 0-0-0):

1. With dials at 0-0-0 (or combination the lock was previously set to), push in the shackle
2. With shackle pushed in, set your new combination
3. Release shackle and scramble wheels to lock
4. Be sure to record your NEW combination as you are the only one who knows it!

Note: The lock may only be reset when it is in the open position. If you do not recall the combination the lock is set to, you will not be able to reset the combination and a new lock will have to be purchased.

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